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CarePlay® is a leading brand of ride on toys, grid blocks, art easels and active play products such as Lighthouse Climber and facades. All of our products have been thoughtfully created to meet the demands of multi-child and multi-age play making them ideal for child care centers and specialty retailers. We demonstrate our commitment to safety by designing products that meet and exceed CPCS and ASTM safety standards. CarePlay‚Äôs commitment to excellence is so great that it offers an unparalleled 10 year warranty.

Puppy Ride-On - Blue

2001P - Puppy Ride-On - Blue

Your price: $59.99

Puppy Ride-On - Red

2002P - Puppy Ride-On - Red

Your price: $59.99

Puppy Ride-On Green

2003P - Puppy Ride-On Green

Your price: $59.99

Puppy Ride-On Purple

2004P - Puppy Ride-On Purple

Your price: $59.99

Squirrel Ride-On Blue

2001S - Squirrel Ride-On Blue

Your price: $59.99

Squirrel Ride-On Red

2002S - Squirrel Ride-On Red

Your price: $59.99

Squirrel Ride-On Green

2003S - Squirrel Ride-On Green

Your price: $59.99

Squirrel Ride-On Purple

2004S - Squirrel Ride-On Purple

Your price: $59.99
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